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Helping Hands
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Mission Statement

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The Visitation Racial Justice Committee is committed to exploring and implementing ways in which the entire Visitation Community

- the overall parish, school and all other parish ministries - 

can work to support racial justice, education and inclusion. 


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Teresa Albright (Parishioner, Parish Staff) 


JoAnn Axtell (Parishioner, Faith Formation Team)​

Peg Ekerdt (Parishioner, RJC Co-Chair)

Marie Effertz (Parishioner, School Parent)

Jan Fakoury (Parishioner, Social Concerns Team)​

Mary Gigliotti (Parishioner, School Faculty)

Lorraine Gordon (Parishioner, Faith Formation Team)

Matt Gunter (Parishioner, School Parent)

Nancy Hesse (School Faculty)

Linda Hughes (Parishioner, RJC Co-Chair)

Amanda Ketchum (Parishioner, School Parent)

Tricia Maxfield (Parishioner, School Parent)

Karen Miller (Parishioner, Parish Staff)

John McGurk (Parishioner, School Parent)


Fr. Brad Offutt ​ (Parishioner, Pastor)

Emmet Pierson (VIS School Alum)

Debi Sicoli (Parishioner, School Parent)

Christy Spadafore (Parishioner, School Parent, School Ministry Team Rep)

RJC Heart only.png

The Communications team posts information, news & events in the parish bulletin each week as a way of keep the parish informed. This committee also maintains the RJC website and responds to inquiries.  The communications committee will work with the parish Faith Formation team this winter to explore the U.S. Bishops 'Open Wide Our Hearts' statement on anti racism. Mandy Ketchum serves as the Communications 

Committee Chair.



The Outreach team has invited the parish at large to participate in activities that raise awareness, diversity and inclusion. Recent activities include a tour of MO Hives Urban Bee Farm and Johnson County Library's creation, the 'Dividing Line Tour'. JoAnn Axtell serves as the Outreach Chair.


The Education team piloted an eight-week summer program: Faith & Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice & Restoration.  If you are interested in participating in this Just Faith Program please email  

Areas of Focus

"Let us open wide our hearts." - St. Katharine Drexel

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